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Bringing Unity To Global Marketing Sites

How PayPal tackled brand dilution and site security issues for over 50 marketing sites across its enterprise and around the world.

Since its inception in 1998, PayPal has become and remains the undisputed leader within the digital payment space. Among its many services, the PayPal "Shop" site is a marketing site offering shoppers single click access to dozens of e-commerce sites in over 50 geographical regions around the world.

PayPal was experiencing a problem with security on these multiple global sites as well as brand dilution, with marketing teams across the globe spinning up their own versions of their "Shop" marketing sites. PayPal lacked centralized control and needed to develop a means to effectively manage these fragmented and unsecured sites.

In 2011, Serverside began its engagement with PayPal, implementing its tried and tested methodology for development and deployment. Some of the challenges faced by PayPal's marketing teams across the globe included:


  • Regular updating of dozens of independent sites by in-house personnel across the globe
  • Centralized control of brand and performance of over 50 sites
  • Extensive expertise in the Ektron CMS
  • Consistent, reliable performance that PayPal customers expect
  • Quick and responsive support for issue resolution
  • A global infrastructure that provided optimal scalability, with the ability to integrate with European banking apps [...]