dynWorld Class DNS Resolution

Serverside has formed an exclusive partnership with Dyn to offer world class DNS resolution backbone to our clients. Dyn's globally deployed Anycast network is located in 17 facilities worldwide, has a history of 100% uptime. Dyn is continuously adding more technology layers and value into their network. Some key functionality:

  • Active Failover

    Using DynECT's global 24/7 network monitoring platform, they rapidly detect outages in your servers, data centers or network providers and re-route traffic to available locations, ensuring that you are always up and running for your users.

  • DynECT Traffic Management

    DynECT's Traffic Management (DTM) is a DNS-based Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB) solution that distributes application load between 17 global data centers, cloud providers or your existing Content Delivery Networks. A combination of their former Load Balancing, CDN Manager and DTM Traffic Manager Services, DTM offers the most DNS control. GSLB is broken into 7 regions amongst the globe.

  • Advanced Traffic Management

    Advanced Traffic Management gives managed/outsourced DNS users the ultimate in control, customization and efficiency available today with Real-Time Traffic Management (efficient routing of web traffic) and Geo Traffic Management (control of DNS responses to customized geographic rule sets at a country or city level).

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