Monitoring, Backups and Disaster recovery

Serverside has invested over 20 years of IT industry expertise and millions of dollars in the technologies, certifications, partnerships and infrastructure required to deliver global managed hosting services across every technology stack on the market.

We operate our own highly redundant Network Operations Center (NOC) and maintain geo-redundant High Availability (HA) environments to deliver enterprise-level managed hosting services on a global basis. Our clients leverage our private hybrid cloud for their production, staging, testing, development, replication and HA Disaster Recovery (DR) environments.

Your End-To-End Business Partner

The challenge is to find a partner that understands and supports your specific CMS platform, and can keep your site running from the application through your infrastructure. We own and operate our data center and our team consists of highly skilled design and development professionals where by we can fix your site in a single phone call if any issues arise, regardless if the issue is software or network driven.

Our managed hosting services are truly end-to-end: every client is assured that their site will be fully monitored, backed up and performance optimized 24 x 7, each and every day of the year.