Our Primary Objective Is To Let You Focus on Your Business

Whether the issue is software or hardware driven, isn’t it nice to know that when your site or application needs an update or you’re expecting a spike in traffic, you only need to make one phone call to ensure that your site is up and running? With fully managed cloud hosting your site is backed up and monitored. Rest easy knowing that we have you covered from application through the network.

We focus on you. You focus on your business. 

To Us, "Managed" Enterprise Hosting Means
Application to Infrastructure to Business Continuity

Your Hosting Provider: Your Trusted Business Ally

Managed Cloud Services

Expert Managed Hosting Services - Serverside

Monitoring, Backups and Disaster recovery

Serverside has invested 18 years of IT industry expertise and millions of dollars in the technologies, certifications, partnerships and infrastructure required to deliver global managed hosting services across every technology stack on the market. 

We operate our own highly redundant Network Operations Center (NOC) and maintain geo-redundant High Availability (HA) environments to deliver enterprise-level managed hosting services on a global basis. Our clients leverage our private hybrid cloud for their production, staging, testing, development, replication and HA Disaster Recovery (DR) environments.

Security and Threat Mitigation

Dyn DNS and distil networks logos

Best Practice Approaches to Uptime

Uptime is all about redundancy and we provide a 99.99% SLA that many IT departments aren't willing to match. Our technology is fully redundant to the edge of the network. Clients are encourage to run random penetration testing against our network, and they do almost daily. We are proud to say we have never had a major outage, and have never had a breach of our systems via hacking or any other means. 

While we are experts on executing our own protocols with respect to internal and physical security to DDoS Mitigation, we also work with best-of-breed partners like Dyn for DNS and Active Failover redundancy and Distil Networks to help clients deal with Bot.Net attacks.


Enterprise CMS Hosting

Global, enterprise-level to single server environments

We are experts in CMS hosting because we are equal parts CMS developer and Managed Hosting provider. With over 20 years of experience developing and implementing .NET CMS platforms, we know the platform and the infrastructure inside and out. We are experts in hosting and maintenance for the following .NET CMS Platforms:

sitecore Logo Kentico Managed Hosting Elcom CMS