Implementation Phases:

The inRiver PIM Implementation model consists of four basic phases, Analysis, Implementation, Transition and Roll-out. At the end of each iteration there is always an evaluation session to gather experience from the previous phase.

  • Analysis: In this phase the focus is to prioritize and define activities for the implementation, also to verify the previous estimates.
  • Implementation: In this phase the focus is to setup the PIM environment, build the Data model and configure the customer PIM setup.
  • Transition & Roll out: In these phases the focus is installation in production environment, final testing and setup the customer organization for handling the inRiver installation. This requires training and governance etc.


Customer Core Team:

  • Business / IT (Project owner) - a core team of two people, one from business and one from IT. They are the primary contact persons for inRiver Partner and a key advocate for PIM.
  • Stakeholders - Corporate Market, Brand Mangers, Key affiliate people such as Business analysts, market research.


Serverside Roles/Descriptions:

  • Project Manager - The Project Manager is the person responsible for managing the project on a day-to-day basis, from start to finish, to ensure successful delivery within agreed cost, schedule and quality objectives.
  • Business analyst - The Business Analyst is working with the gathering of requirements and interpretation and assessment of their feasibility. This person is facilitating, workshops and meetings and is responsible for analyzing and consolidating the scope of the project.
  • Technical Consultant - The Technical consultant is responsible for the technical implementation of the proposed solution.